FamLee of Four




Hi, I’m Darla, a mom trying to create as space where passion, flexibility, and finances live together.

I am a working mom of 3 with a blog. Most of my frustration came from

  • not having a job that embraces my passion
  • unable to have the flexibility to spend more time with my kids
  • of course, making  decent money doing it
  • all the while building strong passionate children

I started this blog to follow my dream. Eventually, this working mom will leave her full-time job and follow my purpose in life. I want to offer you that the same outlet and drive. In hopes to motivate, push you and inspire you. I am sure it is possible to chase your dreams while having kids running around and invading your privacy.

A place for passionate moms to find peace, build dreams, and achieve goals. Helping you remain calm, motivated and confident in your busy life.

My purpose is to offer motivating and goal setting tips that will make your passion clearer and help you start your successful lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to have more time to dedicate time to your hobby,  enter the career field, run your own business or to obtain a flexible lifestyle. In the end, I want you to enjoy the passions you had before a mother. In addition, share tips that will help you organize your home, life, and finances.

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