Happiness is a feeling that we all desire. Life could be so much easier if we understood how to create a happier life.  Let’s try these 10 ways to make tomorrow a little bit better.


Define who you are

What life do you want to create?

Understand life is not perfect and accept it

Be a driver in your life and get out the passenger seat because the only way you will begin to create the life you want is by taking full control of the steering wheel.  There was a time in my life where I would just write down my goals and leave it at that. I passively sat by waiting for things to happen. It was not until I got out the passenger seat and into the driver seat that I actually noticed my goal come true.

  • Task: make a vision board by cutting and pasting your goals on a poster.  I have a secret Pinterest board where pin body goals, debt free living, vacation destinations, family goals and big dreams.  Make your vision board and share your visions with me [email protected]


Find time to take care of your mental, physical and spiritual health.

Finding time for myself is hard as a mother, wife, and with a full-time job but I definitely find the time. Even if it’s 10 mins sitting in the parking lot before I go into daycare.

Reinforce who you are and what you love about yourself

Do not let others define who you are.

I will identify 10 things about me to complete my journey for a happier life


Smile and laugh throughout the day

Understand what you can control and when you need to just ride the waves

Try to find a silver lining in every bad situation.

  • Task: turn the next situation around into a positive thought. For example, Instead of  “I am so angry my car would not start today,” Try… “maybe today I shouldn’t be on the road, I am being protected.”


Give without expecting anything in return. Often we give, but secretly we have expectations. “I sure hope I get my money back” or  “if I am donating my items, then I can get a tax deduction.” Note: tax deductions are a great write-off ( we utilize goodwill often) but don’t let it be THE reason you donate. The majority, of the time we donate to just a friend, daycare or someone in need without expectations. 

You can help people in different ways by being a listening ear, non-monetary gifts, money, donate, food drive, lift someone’s spirit by saying something positive, etc.

Take time to visit or connect with family and friends; It is so important to actually sit down and talk to someone. Texting doesn’t count!

  • Task: call up or skype an old friend and be a listening ear or better yet meet for drinks! Wine anyone?


Making a to-do list is so important because unfortunately when you hit 30, your mind will let you down. So sad, but the last thing you want to do is forget something that is extremely important, so write it down.

It will also help you complete those things that have been sitting on your to-do list for a while. Trust me; you will feel so much happier when you check things off your list.

Make a yearly, monthly and daily goals. The organization makes me happy so organizing my life is a must. At the beginning of every year, I write my yearly goals. The beginning of every month, I jot down my monthly goals and/or to do list. Every night before bed I write my daily goals because if I don’t do it before bed and get it out of my brain, then I will be thinking about it all night. Thus, horrible sleep.

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  • Task: Define, plan, organize, execute, mark complete. Write down 3 small goals and complete it by the end of the week. A goal could be something small such as reorganizing the closet.



What are you grateful for?

I am grateful for my loving husband, my healthy kids, waking up every morning, having a blog that people actually read, a job that I love,  my health, and I could go on forever.

  • Task: every morning before you wake up or before you close your eyes write down what you are grateful for today.    I AM GRATEFUL FORshowing gratitude is important when striving for a happier life


If there are people in your life that are draining you emotionally, then it may be time for them to go ( 5 ways you know it’s time to let your friend go) or pull back from them …baby steps

Detox your body is a great way remove old toxins (environmental pollutants, cancer-causing chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, heavy metals, and industrial waste). At least once a year I use a natural cleanse 7-day Ultimate Cleanse ( affiliate link). You would not believe how good you will feel after a detox. You will begin to notice mental clarity, improve energy, improve skin and some loss.

Detox your home.  Having a home full of clutter can decrease your happiness. It is something about clarity and organization that would make you happier.

  • Task: make a list the people that you need to remove from your life, start a good detox for your body, and remove 5 things that you do not need ( trash it or donate it).


Take responsibility for actions and don’t make a statement using  BUT. You ever get into a situation with someone, and they don’t see how they attribute to the problem. Instead of just saying “yeah you’re right I’ll fix it” they make a point to let you know this happen because of…..Well, all do it. But happy people figured out, that it is more important to win the war and not the fight.  They have true apologies that are not followed by the word but. I am sorry, but if you were not standing there, it wouldn’t have hit you in the face. Really sad apology.

Face the truth about yourself and your behavior. The blame game is old. It’s no one’s fault. Not your parents, friends, family members or any other person. 

Making excuses is avoiding the behavior. Don’t make excuses for unhealthy habits and don’t blame the past for how you act in the present.

  • Task: not use limitation words BUT and can’t  (for 1 week). Instead, use I WILL TRY and CAN. 

    8. LET IT GO

Don’t let your past create barriers for your future this is huge and connects with the one above. You can not go back and rewrite your past. Let it go. You also can not worry about what could happen in the future. Let it be. Live for today and fix the present.

We all know forgiveness is the ability to forgive or be forgiving. So let practice it.

The weight of disappointment, anger, shame, and resentment can impact your happiness. Let it go become lighter.

  • Task: Write a letter to someone who hurt you in detail, tell them why they hurt you, and why you forgive them. Then tear it up. It’s for you to be happier…. not for them.  Next, be honest and think of some that you hurt or disappointed and forgive yourself. If you need to take the extra step, reach out and say “Sorry” without the word BUT.



Follow your gut. What is your gut? It’s that little nudge that you have inside that keeps you out of trouble and sends you down the right path.

Have a passion in life and pursue it. People are overall happier when they are pursuing their dreams

It’s all about doing what you love. And love what you’re doing!

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Understand the difference between a job and your purpose. Steve Harvey said it best, your career is what you’re paid for. Your calling is what you’re made for.”


Failure is life trying to push you in the right direction- Oprah

Don’t try to be perfect, try to be the best version of you- Me

Oprah- Working with the Creator to co-create our lives. Co-create your life with the energy of your intention, the intention that you bring into your life.  You are responsible for every intention.



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