Whodini- Friends Lyrics...Friends, how many of us have them? Friend, ones that we can depend on?

sometimes its hard to know when its time to let a friend go. This list 5 ways to know when to know your FRIEND is not your FRIEND.

You made plans to go out to lunch with a friend and definitely looking forward to some girl time. You head to the café and order a glass of water until your friend shows up. Glancing at your watch you noticed 15 minutes went by so you give her a call.  She didn’t answer so maybe she is on her way. Instead, you get a text letting you know she is not coming. You have been kicked to the curb AGAIN and now you are feeling confused, upset and hurt.

Reluctantly, you decide to text her back, “Is everything OK?  Are you alright?”
However, the response is not what you are were hoping for like “my child is sick, I have a work deadline and need to finish up or even I lost my keys“. Instead, she texted back, “I decided to go out with Jason, sorry I thought I told you,” Really, Really. This has confirmed your FRIEND is not your FRIEND.

5 ways you know it’s time to let your FRIEND go! sorry. 🙁

1.   The  Self-Centered Friend
This is the friend that by any means put their needs before yours.  Not only have they good for no-call no-show ( feeling neglected?), but when you do finally get together it’s all about them. The self-centered friend does not want to hear your stories, issues, or successes. Don’t you notice  when they DO call, they never ask how YOU are doing? Or somehow the topic reverts back to them (strange) . Why are they still around?!!!

2.   The Friend with Nothing in Common
This is a hard one because it  is not necessarily that then did anything wrong, but rather you grew apart (totally natural). For example, you show up because you have to not because you want to (obligated anyone). Honestly, it is not healthy being around people you just do not enjoy being around. It could be any reason that you may feel disconnected such as  conversations are no longer intriguing and you are looking for more. Accept it and move on CARE.

3. The  Complainer Friend

Ugh. This person. This is the friend that no matter what you talk about or what you do they are ALWAYS a Debby Downer. You know who I am talking about That friend can find a negative view out of sitting in Beach Cabana, getting served food and massage  by good-looking men.
They are also good for throwing out insults and pointing out  your insecurities. “Please, stop reminding me about that pimple on my face“. WHY are you so EVIL, you want to yell. Let them go and have fun doing it!

4.  Don’t respect positive changes in your life
They do not understand that you are married and choose not to stay out until 5 am. Or that you have kids and just cannot go out tonight. Instead of saying, “OK girl what time is good for you? Or “how about we order takeout and Rebox”.  Your friend gives you a ton of attitude and implies that YOU are not being the good friend. Let go the weight.

5.  The One Upper Friend
Who may I ask invented the one uppers? This is the person that either, wants to be you or always belittle your achievements. Everyone knows that person who believes they are smarter, healthier,  wealthier, skinnier, or even worse off than you.

You say, “This morning I got into an accident and totaled my new car” their response “Oh really, I have been hit by a car before and broke my leg”.“Labor was painful 50 minutes of pushing and the baby’s leg got stuck”- “Well, my aunt had triplets natural all breached”. “Girl,  I am so excited he proposed to me last week in front of my family at the BBQ reunion”- “Let me see you ring, oh that’s cute. Why so small?” Exhale with me, please.

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