The list gives great tips to prepare for back to school without spend tons of money. The Printable helped.

Is it back to school season already? It felt like last week we were signing up for summer camp, and today it’s back to school mode.

I have my son Leo going to the 5th grade and daughter Dest in pre-K.

Their back to school list will be slightly different. So to simplify things and make my life easier I start early and get organized.

If you want a simple, money saving and time-saving tip that will make getting ready for back to school a breeze then follow these steps.

1. Find your list of Back to School items before you make any purchases

Print out the list of school supplies list that is from the school website.

If you don’t have one, you can use the back to school list template below to add additional items, but basically, it’s all the same things regardless of the grade.

And check out TeacherLists to make sure there is nothing you are missing!

Great free printable to get yourself organized for back to school season. 2. Look around the house to see what you already have

Going through items we have in the house is big for me because I am not about to go out and buy another pair of scissors, crayons or highlighter. We have several of those items in the house that are in excellent shape.   I also check my son’s desk and closet which seems to surprise me every time with items that were not used.

3. Don’t dread finding coupons and discounts

There is nothing like shopping and not know which stores offer the best deals. These are several ways to save money during the shopping season. It’s simpler than you think.

Do you like to compare prices but don’t have time? 

Download the Flipp app to compare flyers


Use Retailmenot for coupons and codes

The App ShopSavvy to price matches while in the store.

Just scan the barcode, and the comparable prices pop up. Simply take it the cashier when checking out and show the cheaper price offered at another store and they will price match.

Are you an online shopper? I know I am! Besides online shopping is so convenient. Between work, commuting, dinner, and kids shopping online is my fav. Online shopping is how I save money shopping.

Join Ebates for free & get a &10 Welcome Bonus. See I just saved you money! Ebates is my favorite site to save on pretty much anything from a hotel. Clothes, to electronics.

4. Don’t forget about the kid’s snacks

The Ibotta app. I know I have too many apps, but I put them in one folder on my phone, so it’s organized. I would not shop any other way because I never remember to bring coupons to the store. Ibotta allows you to clip coupons modern way. And did to mention you will receive $10 for sign up. Simply find rebates, go shopping, and send your receipt or link to a loyalty card, then get your cash.

5. Lastly, organize yourself.

No need to have those crazy morning running around frantic in the mornings.  Check out how I make morning easier as a working mom. Also, grab the free printable my grade school son uses to minimize morning prompts and reminders.


Hope this tips helped you save time, money and your sanity!

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