You must create the time to change your destination.

It became a point in my journey where I realized that busy and productive was not the same.

Somehow life becomes a race about getting the most things done in as little time as possible. But in reality, there is no way to be 100% effective or prefect in every category of life. Instead, it’s basically the idea of trying to juggle too many balls – but most are hitting the floor.

Why do we have this obsession with adding more and more to our day but completing less? Have you noticed that the next morning, more things will find its way onto your to-do list? And there is not an actual finish line that says, “all task forever done” here. Don’t you wish though? ME TOO😁!

Busy indicates you are doing a whole bunch of things that are not adding to the bottom line. While productivity creates noticeable changes in your life.

The real goal is to understand that being busy prohibits you from personal, family and career growth.

If your trying to gain growth, you must be willing to make sacrifices.

For example, there is no way you can be there for everyone and still have time for yourself. Saying NO to others is hard, but if you take the time to organize and create a schedule, then you can find the time to fit others in. In turn, you will be capable to execute tasks off your list and tend to others OCCASIONALLY.

TIP 1. Let go of trying to do it all.

My life before organization, meditation and printables was complete chaos. I would sacrifice sleep and sanity to get things done, and for some reason, self-care was not on my mind.

There were days where life was a blur. In the midst of obtaining my Masters in Public Health, writing tons of papers, and caring for our 1-year-old in the middle of the night I had to find the energy to report to work by 5 am to inspect poultry for the US Department of Agriculture job. I was exhausted and felt as though I was on the hamster wheel going in circles.

To the others, it seemed as I had it together, but in reality, I was not feeling in control. I was not spending enough time on my papers, husband or with my child. Instead, I was going with the motion. And ultimately I was barely present.

I decided to make a change and challenge myself to be intentional, organized and mindful of what was going on around me.

So the first thing that I threw out the window was making excuses.

I eliminated the excuses that I told myself which were only holding me back. Such as: I am a mom and I don’t have time. I can’t focus on me when I have so many duties. These are the first ones that had to go because there are plenty of moms crushing it.

Tip 2: Let go of excuses

What are the excuses you tell yourself that limit your growth?

What beliefs reduce your ability to be successful and productive?

I like to use quotes and inspirational messages to keep me grounded and in line.

This cute mug from Amazon adds a friendly reminder every morning with your cup of coffee, so you can start your day motivated and inspired.

We all have the same hours in the day as Beyonce.

TIP 3: Let go the Myth: More effort equals more progress.

Are you addicted to busy? Check this chart out and determine if you need help moving from busy to productive.

Talking about what you have to do Express task that you have completed
Express how little time you have to get things done Make time for things that are important
Multitask Focus on one task at a time
Talk about making change Able to execute changes in behavior
Respond quickly Take your time to respond
No clear mission Have a mission in life
Have way to many priorities Have a few priorities
Spread yourself to thin Think before you say yes
No clear action plan Have a clear route
Goals are not SMART and unorganized Have a SMART goal and keep goal sheet nearby

Grab quick tips to get you from busy to productive.

Are you taking on too much? Are you constantly adding tasks to your to-do list that weren’t originally there?

It starts off with….. today I will clean the house, go to work, cook dinner…then something not on your list pops up. Do you add it to your list or do you schedule it for a better time?

Organize yourself.

Being organized is a must in order to be successful, fulfilled and present. Being busy is the complete opposite.

Can’t remember what’s on your schedule or how to keep up with it all? Coming Soon is the Organized Mom Planner to move your life from busy to motivated, inspired and in control. Sign up for the Planning My Day Printable and be notified when it’s available.

How are your goal setting strategies?


Not feeling productive? You must print both THE MOM BRAIN DUMP and the Productivity sheet which are sneak peaks to The Organized Mom Planner. On the sheet indicate which task from your brain dump can fit into your day.

If you feel yourself constantly losing track of what’s taking up most of the time in your day then commit one week to writing everything down. This will allow you to see where time is being wasted and if you’re spreading yourself too thin. Also, take notice of what task you add on your day. Because everything can’t be important – something has to fall on the waistline for another day.

Stay motivated and Inspired to Build the Life you Deserve!

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About Darla

I’m Darla, a working mom here to help you organize, stay motivated and pursue your goals.


    1. Angela,

      Yes, organizing your schedule allows you to create the time you need for yourself. Life can get easier but you know with kids, it can never be perfect. A little planning goes a long way! 🙂

  1. These are some great tips to be productive and not just busy. In fact when I left my full time job to be a work from home I was really worried about the same thing. I wanted to be productive and not just busy at home.

    1. Rakhiparsai,
      I will be out on maternity leave in a few weeks. My exact goal is to stay productive and continue to motivate and inspire other moms through blogging. Also congrats on leaving your job and being a work from home mom. 😉

  2. I can identify with this so much! So many things occupying your time and you feel like you aren’t giving anything the full attention it deserves. Thanks for sharing the tips.

    1. Emily,

      It’s because as a mom we wear so many hats.Then we are pulled in every direction since we want to be helpful to everyone ALL THE TIME. But, but creating time slots and priorities makes things more balanced.

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