Achieving financial success in your life doesn’t only consist of saving, investing, eliminating debt and earning. But it also strongly ties to the mindset you have around money.

If you hold the mindset that money is hard to attain. Or it’s extremely difficult to increase your social status.  Then you’re absolutely right. It will not happen because YOU don’t believe it will. Sounds like fluff?

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Yes, money has a physical form but honestly, our generation doesn’t touch it..thanks to debit cards.

It’s a tool to get what we want and IT’S NEVER the end all. Just means to the end.

There was a quote from Lisa Nichols that I’m about to paraphrase. “Its obvious money is energy based on how it makes you feel. You experience a different emotional feeling when you have money vs not have enough money.

Think & Imagine & Feel

You sign into your bank account as usual. Put in the username and password. Go to your checking account to check your balance because today the bills are due. Then you open the account and there are 4 thousand dollars extra in the account. Do you feel that?  Yes, the first thing you will do is see if you’re in the right account. Then you will try to figure out what happened. It’s marked as a donation. How does it feel? Really tell me. It feels amazing because money affects our mood.

Next scenario, you go to the bank teller to withdraw 100 dollars for groceries. However, the teller tells you that you owe 700 dollars to the bank. There has been an overdraft on the account. It hits you in the pit of your stomach. Why?

It’s not about the money per se. In each situation, you never actually touched the money but you felt the impact. It represents the change in your energy. As we know not having money can place limitations on your life. It’s the Why you need money that important.


Why do you want to make more money? The responses are much deeper than what you think. What is your reason?

  • Security- home, car, food, love
  • Access-  Vacation, healthy food,
  • Power- feeling empowered
  • Eliminate barriers-  better health care
  • Balance-  if you make more than you can work less
  • Others- helping family, friends or less fortunate ( to make an impact)


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Achieving financial success in your life doesn't only consist of saving, investing, eliminating debt and earning. But it also strongly ties to the mindset you have around money. If you hold the mindset that money is hard to attain. Or it's extremely difficult to increase your social status. Then you’re absolutely right. It will not happen because YOU don’t believe it will. but with these 5 simple techniques can change your mindset FOREVER!

#1 Understand why you want it.

If Money is energy and it’s a tool.  Where is it that you need this tool to take you? What do you want to do with more?

Remove the idea that money is powerful and it affects your life. Instead, understand you have power over how you want the tool to be attracted to you.

#2 Change the way you speak to yourself about money.

There are some many mind blocks associated with money. The reality is they are put there some from you and some from others ( friends, society, parents). People have mixed emotion about money. The negative feeling surrounding money needs to be removed.  Start by replacing negative thought with positive affirmations

  • I’ll never become rich with “ I will be rich”
  • Money follows easily to me
  • I am worth more

Be aware of trailing words in your mind.

Follow this Exercise.

Say out loud.

“my net worth by the age 50 will be  1.1 million”.?

“I will get a raise for 10,000 this year.”  

“My yearly income with become my month income in the next 4 years”.

What is the trailing thoughts in your head?

The thoughts in your head involve laughter, yeah right, I wish, really, it would be possible if or other limiting thoughts. Remove them and replace it with positive affirmations.  Build belief and confidence in your worth.

I had the limited belief too. I had also needed to detach myself for the poverty mindset.

#3 Self-discipline

Keeping up with the Joneses- yeah there’s that saying again. Who are the Joneses anyway?

Not sure if you’re keeping up with the Joneses. Then balance your checkbook.

If you make 1600 a month and your bills total to be greater or equal to what you earn then good luck with ever increase your worth.  Yup, keeping up…that’s you.

The only way to truly gain wealth is to have what you earn (1600) much higher than what you spend (1000) so that you can accumulate wealth (600).  That’s 7200 of savings in a year. And 3600, in 5 years.

Basically, it’s not what you earn, but how much you spend.

Always keep an eye on your finances with Mint’s website and app here.

If a man without discipline wins the lottery he will dwindle it away, but if you take everything away from a millionaire, he will rebuild his empire – because he has the right mindset.

#4 Don’t fear taking risk

You want to save your money yes. But how can you make more if you fear taking a risk? I hear people say “I will invest in myself when I get out of debt”.  But, what if investing in YOU increases your income.

I could have started a blog after out was out of college debt. But, guess what? I reduce my debt much faster by investing and taking a risk. In this case, the benefit outweighs the risk.

#5 Always be open to learning

This annoys me about people. Sorry

Thinking you know everything and don’t need help. Don’t be that person. Instead, learn from other who are successful or sometimes even unsuccessful. Anyone could offer you value.

Read a book, watch YouTube, join some interesting blogs (like me!), join a group, or get a mentor.

Books I recommend reading Dave Ramsey The Total Money Makeover. I understand everyone does not have time to read a good book. But don’t let that stop you. Try Amazon Audiobook collection to listen to you books while driving, washing the kids or cleaning the house.

Groups I belong to an inspiring money management group. Some are millionaires, investors, landlords, business owner and learning like me. They’re the most empowering group of women I ever met. But Facebook has great financial or abundance groups.


I have read many books from The Millionaire Next Door, Dave Ramsey, Tony Robbins, Suze Orman and more. I also love abundance videos on YouTube check out MindValley Academy. The biggest reason I love these books and channels are because it really changed my mindset about being wealthy. It was necessary for me to take a  look at my own spending habits. And understand the most valuable lesson of your money mindset.  

Need basic step by step process to make it happen?


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