There are steps before making a life decision such as changing careers or starting a business.

I spent weeks reading books and picking the minds of my friends with their own business; trying to find the common denominator in the steps taken before business a decision.

Whether they left their 6-figure job, abandoned college, or blindly opened a small business, they had to ask those tough questions: should I leave my well-paying job to do something I love? Should I invest in starting a small business even though I have no clue where to begin? Will I regret leaving college my senior year?

Ultimately, they all described a similar route of discovery.

They described put in work before you even make the decision.

I realized the difference that set the go-getters away from the wishers had nothing to do with lack of motivation, luck, or being born with a silver spoon. Instead. It came down to having a solid foundation and a clear start process.

So if you want to quit your job, make a big career move, or start a business you can!

Here are steps that I also practiced that made decision-making easier and smoother.

Is it just me or do you notice more people are chasing dreams instead of money? They are looking for more family time, less restricted lifestyles and more personal fulfillment.


The most important step is identifying who you are. How can you possibly make a major life decision if you don’t know what you like, your dislikes, your dreams, your purpose of life, passions, strengths, and weaknesses?

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Are you looking for things to happen quickly then show gratitude? Why should life give you anything if you can’t appreciate what you have?

Let’s put this into perspective.

If you child continued to ask for more and more toys when they not even play with the ones they have…would you give them more? Alternatively, you have a child extremely grateful for his worn shoes, few options at dinner, and a handful of toys. He appreciates and shelves every toy. Would you give him something if he asked? Why?

So practice gratitude! You need a little help then read 10 way to make your life happier with free printable.

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Share your story with supportive family members and friend. I say supportive because you will realize in your self-discovery journey that everyone will not understand or be happy with you decision.

Project the visions you have in your mind to realistic and tangible goals. Take that big dream you have such as getting a new job or starting a new business and break them down into bite size pieces. Put action, intent, and purpose behind your goal to propel your wish into reality.

Need steps to get started let me help you.

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Work on your mindset!

Rid limiting beliefs- Limiting belief are the thoughts that trail your brain and tell you that you.

Write down each section of your life and your positive and negative beliefs.  For example, I believe love is…, spirituality is…, money is…, business is…. Also, career… is.

Grab this is a free wheel of life with categories here.

The goal is to for you to clearly understand your views, morals and thought process. And allows you to discover what your limiting beliefs are. Next, you can determine what you need to bring to your coach, what books you should read and how to change a negative mindset around something.

So, if you believe starting a business is hard. Or that it will take to much time away from my family. And only wealthy families can have a business. That is where you will start because those are your limiting beliefs that will get in the way of access. So, you need to change each thought individually, so that you can openly and freely attract positive view.

Instead, say my business is meant for me. Since opening up a coffee shop is a passion of mine, then creating this reality will be easy. God will line up the necessary items in my life. Opening my business will allow me to pay off debt and invest more time with my family. See. You want to change the beliefs. Even I still have trouble turning things around, but it’s all about practice and conviction.

This book helped me work on my mindset and positive thinking to help create life-changing results.

The Secret book highlights gratitude and visualization which is the two most powerful processes to help you manifest your desires.

Title yourself as such and use it to introduce yourself to people. Scary?

If you want to be a singer, then call yourself a singer. If you want to open up a coffee shop, then introduce yourself as a prospective business owner. Someone who dreams to be a writer but only wrote 20 pages then introduce yourself as a writer. The title defines the thought, intention, and the present state.

I am a life coach, writer, and blogger. Occasionally, I life coach people but I haven’t officially set up shop but its what I do. I have written a book that never got published but I am still a writer and I blog weekly, so I am a blogger. Pick your titles to describe yourself and don’t use mom, wife, daughter, etc., choose a title that defined your future and present work duties.


Invest in the things that can bring a return in your life. Material items are great I also love shoes and bags too. Nevertheless, these things will not add to your future. However, if you invest in a course, certification, or even a few books from the library, this will bring value, close confidence gaps, and push you toward your goal.

Time is an investment too. So invest the time to join networking groups

  • Facebook has a group for everything you can possibly imagine. There are mom groups, personal development, small business, retail, small farmers, authors, just go to Facebook search for groups of interest.
  • Would you rather meet people face to face to connect? Join for networking with like-minded individuals.
  • Create or join a mastermind group to hold each other accountable and help each other stay motivated. Find out more about masterminds here.
  • LinkedIn is a good resource for connecting with people and finding a career that fits your need. I had many people contact me to know more about the USDA. I have also reached out other people to get insight on their career path. How did they start? What’s a day in the life like? What are the positions looking for in an individual?

Take time out to be still

Most often, we are constantly expecting something new, different or answers. However, the ability to be still and wait is just as powerful. If you don’t know what to do or where to go next, then pray. Prayer is that ability to connect the spiritual realm with the human realm. God will not only give you clarity, but he can show you signs if you pay attention. He wants you to win so trust him!

I am not a church goer but it is a great place for support, a community and to strengthen your belief.

Invest in your health and making healthy choices.

Taking time out to pamper yourself, get good sleep, mindful meditation, workout, and to be present.

Moreover, caring for the inside of your body is important. So, drink water, eat fruits and vegetables and stay away from bad lifestyle habits such as smoking and drinking.

You may be wondering what that has to do with making life decision or starting a new venture. It has a lot to do with it because you are asking your body to do something for you…. like show your clarity, so it only makes sense to clear your body of toxins and things that will inhibit your mind and intuition.

Ask for Help

 Coaches bring great value and clarity to people lives.  There are different types of coaches depending on what it is that you need in your life. For example, a life coach an individual who counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges. Then you also have a business coach, health coach, entrepreneur coach, career coach and the list goes on.

A mentor can be hired or a friend. To find out more about the benefits of a mentor read this here.

Find out the difference between mentor and coach.


There is 3 major area of constraints that affect people’s life choices.


Do you feel like the is not enough time in the day to add on an additional task like soul searching, researching, “me time” or hiring help? Time is a problem that never changes for anyone.

There will always be 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. But, with that in mind, someone people accomplish more with the same hours but how. It’s effective time management skills that allow allocating the right amount of time for each project so that you can maximize your efforts. So schedule a to-do list. This book I find flexible and keeps me on task.


If you have kids or someone who depends on you then this can get in the way of you trying to start a business or quit a job. It’s a whole lot harder to make a decision when on others play into the equation.

You can’t just get up and move if the kids are in school. You can’t just go after a job you love with a salary cut when you take care other family members.

The goal is to understand your barriers and plan around them. Don’t let them make excuses for why you can’t make something work. If there is a will then there is a way.



Finances play a major part in whether people start a business venture or a career change. Have a plan. Save money for your business even though you don’t have one in mind. Invest in future!


There will always be obstacles, doubt, fear, and underestimating your talent. Nevertheless, if you make a plan, build a framework, and allocate time to your goal you can accomplish anything.

Great thought provoking questions everyone should ask before starting a business or changing careers.




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