Setting goals and accomplishing goals can be overwhelming. These are simple way to crush your goal and achieve them every time.Goal setting is an entire process. Reaching goals are more complicated than having a goal in mind and wish on a star.

But it not because you’re incapable of achieving your dream and setting goals. Instead, you may not be taking the right steps. Or you may not be giving yourself enough credit for the mini goals that you completed.

But how do you make your BIG dreams come true?

You need a plan.

And this is where 5 steps to crushing new goals come in. These actions steps are proven to help you achieve goals and stay motivated during the process. It’s more than a simple to-do list, it a framework.

In goal setting Part 1 and Part 2, we picked out the areas of focus.


Based on your result from the life wheel, you identified what areas you would love to hone into. And those areas (spirituality, family, career, money, etc.) help you focus on your overall new goal.


Having an overall goal is the start, but it’s vague. It will be pretty difficult to direct energy and time to target such a large goal. Therefore, it’s better and easier to focus on a topic.
So let’s say you want to get in shape. But, you really mean you want to get toned, not lose weight. Getting your body tone will take a different approach from losing weight. By being more specific, you can focus on those strategies that help that goal. So instead of dieting, you may need to focus more on core ab training, weightlifting and using a waist trainer. You see how focus can help you target your old and new goals.

But wait let’s make this goal more clear.


You may think you know why the goal is important to you and what keeps you motivated. But once you sit down and write your WHY, it becomes apparent the motivation for the goal is not strong. Having STRONG WHY is the most important step when making achievable goals.

It’s the area where people fail to develop but the step that needs the most focus. Read Are achieving your goals difficult? Hack into your why.

All most there.

1. S.M.A.R.T

Using Smart goals are all about proper aim. It’s practice for getting a dart right in the center. Write down your goals being specific, measurable, achievable creates a powerful start. Also, keeping it realistic and giving an end date enforces motivation. The last thing you want to do is waste time improperly aiming at a goal. You want to do it with focus and hit each goal every time.


this quote speaks volumes.

Life is full of obstacles. It’s when you have a throughout plan that life gets in the way. It could be significant life events such as having a baby, new job, relocating, a death in the family or illness. Or smaller but understandable roadblock such as just being tired or unmotivated.

Set up a technique to deal with derailment. If you notice a pattern of something that always gets in the way, addresses it with a plan. Create a plan for what you’ll do when the road block is present.

Have an alternate route when something is in the way can keep you pressing forward.


I love creating my reality. A vision board is a great start. By cutting out images of items you love, your desires, words that inspire you. I have a digital vision board on Pinterest. It has boss quotes, my dream house, dream kitchen, a business I like to start, cars, shoes, vacations and more. The great part is you can make it any way you want it. It can be as specific as Home vision board or Business focused board. Or 5 years from now Life board. Then choose, and dream is yours to create.

Visualization is another way to create your reality. When you’re alone and have time to meditate vision your goal as if you accomplished it. How does it feel? Where are you? What does the image look like? How does it smell around you? Reach out and touch the items in your vision. Breathe life into your dream.

Write it down. The power of writing this down is so great I can’t describe it. It ties into manifestation. Once you write something down, you bring positive energy towards that area. And it brings your dream closer to you. Ever buy a car and then out of nowhere, you see it everywhere? You like before I got this I need to see it. That because you mind brought focus to that object. That exactly what you want to do…Bring energy and focus. I want to say “wow I was just looking for a trainer.” Or “that’s a coincidence I was thinking about that.” You have more power than you believe.

4. START NOWlady are always bosses...think like one.

The best time to start your new goal is now. You may find an excuse of why to start later or why you’re not ready. But, in reality, you are more than ready. You can grab what you need along the way. Get in the car and drive to your dreams. Put in your point of interest, then determine what you already have and what you need. Accountability Partner? Assistance? Training? Education? Research? Mentor? Figure it out and keep moving.


By time blocking you can allocate 30 mins toward your goal task. Doing something rather big or small is suffice.
Let’s keep the ‘tone up my body goal.’ Now, let make this take the next step. For instance, I want to tone my body, develop my arm muscles, get a two pack and lift my weight by June 30th. I will devote the next 6 month to bite size pieces with monthly, weekly and daily goals.
The daily goal can be as simple as looking for a waist trainer, researching the best foods for muscles. Or finding images to add to the vision board. You will tackle this by blocking out 30 mins a day. One of my favorite time blocking sheet is from Abby from just a girl and her blog the SIMPLE TECHNIQUE THAT HELPS ME BE INSANELY PRODUCTIVE EVERY SINGLE DAY. She explains why it’s helpful to use time blocking and how it keeps you productive. I absolutely love to use her free printable here.

Try these 5 simple techniques and see your goals come true.

Acknowledge your small wins because it builds confidence and strengthens motivation. Stay active by crossing the task off and reward yourself once you completed 5 small goals. Besides crossing this out is empowering.



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