Do you wish you had more time to budget, save and invest? These 5 apps are a great way to save without putting in so much TIME.


How would you like an app to organize your finance within minutes?  I love organizing but financially organization is a whole new ball game. In order to run a successful business, family and get out of debt you need a budget and a financial plan. But let’s not just talk about budgeting anyway but the easy, time-saving and effective way. Here are 5 of the best budgeting, investing and money managing apps.  I will outline the features of each so you can determine the needs of your business and family.


1. Personal Capital– Investing, Saving, Planning

personal capital app can save you money

• 401(k) Fee Analyzer — Don’t lose hundreds of dollars in hidden fees use the analyzer to discover what it is costing you.
• Retirement Planner — I am sure retirement is not on your mind right now but this cool planner can forecast your retirement goals so check it out
• Financial Management —Personal Capital offers a paid section that can manage your money and give investment advice.
• Ad-Free Service
• Set a Budget and Determine your Monthly Spending
• Calculate Net Worth
• Free and paid version
• Con- not as great with budgeting

2. Mint– Budgeting, Credit Score, Pay Bills

Mint app can help you budget and track your expenses

• Budgeting — can calculate average spending so you can see where your money goes.
• Recommendations- mint gives suggestion on credit cards, investing, insurance and loans. Also, they alert you when there’s something you should know- over budget- suspicious activity- finance charges
• Credit Report Monitoring — Mint’s free service can monitor changes overall credit score on a quarterly basis.
• Mint Credit Monitor —Get a more detailed report from the three credit agencies
• Easy-to-use net worth calculations
• Set up financial goals ( vacation, pay off debt, etc)
• Free and paid version
• Cons- a lot of advertisement, account needs to be reconnected frequently

3. Dave Ramsey’s EveryDollar-Budget, Track, Manage Money

• Debt progress- keep track of your progress
• Easy to use
• Track money goals
• Baby Steps – Dave Ramsey has baby steps for financial freedom
• Cons- Does not connect to American Express and some other banking institutions, Dave Ramsey advisements

4. YNAB (You Need A Budget)- Budget, Invest, Save

• Teaches you how to handle your money
• Offers assistance- workshops, videos, podcast, staff support and guides
• Easy account setup with multiple banks and credit cards
• Budgeting goals for tracking long-term progress
• Tracks spending categories
• Debt pay down- teaches you how to get out of debt
• Ad-free
• Cons- no free version after trial period, more hands on approach

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5. Quicken– Budget, Invest, Track, Paying Bills

• Most Comprehensive- this allows you to do it all
• Bill Pay
• Tracking Expenses
• Budgeting- very robust budgeting
• Free Credit Score
• Cons- syncing app to phone is extra, connection issue with financial institutions, poor customer support



Every Dollar

Personal Capital Mint YNAB Quicken
Cost Free Free Free Paid Paid
Budgeting yes yes yes yes yes
Expenses Analysis yes yes yes yes yes
Goal setting yes yes yes yes yes
Credit Score Monitoring yes no yes no yes
Investment Monitoring no yes yes no yes
Retirement Planning no yes no no yes
Website Access yes yes yes yes no
App yes yes yes yes yes
Secure yes yes yes yes yes
Bill Pay no no yes no yes

Each finance App has its pros and cons but overall is a great way to get your finances in order in no time. Although, some are better at budgeting while others are great for investing choose the right fit for you. As a working mom trying to get out of debt, my goal is to bring peace in my financial life and bring you with me!

Which finance Apps does your family use that saves you time and money?

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