After all these years, I am still involved in the process of self-discovery. It’s better to explore life and make mistakes than to play it safe. Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life.-Sophia Loren

 Self-discovery is a never-ending destination.

 Find Part 1 here.

You should constantly discover, rediscover, and reinvent yourself. It’s essential for honest and valuable growth.

As a life coach blogger, I’ve noticed that most of my potential derived from personal self-development and self-evaluation.

Evaluation of myself led to understand simple patterns, my limitations roadblocks, and where I was not being honest with myself.

When trying to figure out your purpose in life or narrowing down to a strategic path to take, you should keep in mind the common things that resurface.

Eventually, you will see connections. And likely notice the connection between the things you enjoy doing and the things you were meant to do in your life.

For the past year, I have evaluated these connections. I learned how to listen to someone speak passionately about what they like to do and turn them into more than a dream. It was that road to self-discovery that led me to my purpose in life.

Before you begin to dive into part 2 of finding your purpose in life, let me explain my overall goal. If you have been reading my blog, you may have already concluded that my goal is to help passionate moms like you live a life of abundance. That means taking the time out to focus on your personal and professional lives. And make money while doing it.

That may not be easy with kids but its ok to prioritize YOU for now. Because to reach a point of fulfillment you have to understand who you are and take the time out to to be selfish.

The following series in finding, narrowing, or strengthen your purpose in life requires you to clearly articulate who you truly are outside of …

  • Your job title
  • Being a mom
  • Or wife
  • Or a single mom

This requires you to look inside of you. This will divide the Sayers from the Doers.


Let’s dive!



Ask yourself these questions. And be true, push forward and respect that some are hard questions.

You can’t understand where you’re going until you know where you come from.

So who are you?

Really, do you know everything about yourself?

What inspires you?

Your dislikes? What lies to you tell or have told?

Fears that you hold?

Where have you been in your life journey?

What bad habits do you have?

Have you hurt someone?

Have someone hurt you?

Why do you get up in the morning?

What can’t you live without?

Excites you? Or bores you?

Have you said yes and wanted to say no?

Do you listen to suggestions from others?

Do you read?

Are you good at following your gut?

What values do you live by? Add this to part 1 free worksheet. You can find a list of values here.

You ask yourself these questions so you can understand where the issue in identifying your purpose may be. For example, if you don’t take advice or can’t hear you intuition Why? Because there will be people that guide you as well as God. You have to know where you barriers to access you calling are hiding.


 Even as a child you held a passion. You envision what you wanted to be when you grew up.

Remember when you were a child. Before life got complicated, you had passions in life. You would wake you in the morning to watch Saturday cartoons. Maybe go outside and pay tag with friends.

You were sort of walking in you passions without even knowing it.

As a young child, I was the teacher. I would invite friends over and pretend school. It was exciting to read to other children and give them workbooks.

By middle school age, I became a nurturer. I would help people who were hurt. And had a compassion for the ill. I was destined to be a doctor.

By teenager, I was a true advocate for the unjust. Lawyer?

In college, I was called the mom. I would give out advice, listen to the problem and on my free time coach. Psychologist Maybe?

Trace your life. Start with what did with your free time? What comes to mind when you were a  young child, a pre-teen and a teenager. Then look at the similarities and more important the WHY.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A power ranger!

Feel free to share!


Taking a personality quiz is an easy way to learn more about yourself. I can take quizzes on any topic so why not behavioral assessment.

This explained a lot about how you work with others and the limitations of your personality. Want to learn more about DICS can teach you about yourself read HOW TO LEARN YOURSELF AND STRENGTHEN RELATIONSHIPS.

What to know more about what drives, strengthen, best job field, and how your personality affects parenting children? Take the  Personality Test and get a ‘freakishly accurate’ description of who you are and why you do things the way you do. This free personality test is absolutely amazing.


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Your career will not always link to your purpose.

Basically, one is for external reward while the other is for internal satisfaction.

Your career is what you are paid for. You calling is what you’re made for. – Steve Harvey.

It may be difficult to wrap your head around pursuing two separate paths. Yes, sometimes they may meet but often they do not.

In your career, you may already have the education, certification, and the training. Whereas, your purpose in life you do not have anything. Honestly, you may have minimal to no education or skill in what you’re were meant to do. And it’s ok. It doesn’t mean it’s not so.
So, you may be a lawyer but your purpose is to help the unfortunate. You may be a secretary but you’re your purpose is to bring awareness to childhood disabilities. Do you see how they can be different?

Look at the path separately with one guided by your mind. While the other is guided with your gut.


This is the most important step because it can hinder you the most. While on your journey on the road of self-discovery, things can become foggy.

It may be hard to tap into your calling when things seem unclear and there is negativity in your life. The best thing to do is detox your home, your life, and your body.
People do not realize that positive energy is absorbed by clutter.

Picture yourself navigating around a room blindfolded. You know that you need to get to the other side of the room, but you are given the wrong direction from toxic people in your life. The ones that put doubt in your mind. Don’t understand your path or don’t support your decisions. In addition, it’s hard to hear the ones that love you guide you.

To make matters worse there is clutter all around you. How can you effective feel your way through with so much noise?

In addition, your sluggish and you can’t hear you gut guide you because your body is weak.

 How can you possibly find or understand your true purpose in life?

 What you must do is get rid of the unwanted and harmful things in your life so you can see, feel and hear a clear message.

Some of my recommendations are…

While on your journey to find your purpose in life, there will be obstacles, doubt, fear, and uncertainty. Trust god, your gut, and push through fear. Everyone is meant to do something. No one’s path in life is the same so YOU’LL have something unique to offer don’t worry about that.


  • Ask questions to identify yourself
  • Dreams as though you are still a kid
  • Take a free personality test
  • Career vs Purpose in life
  • Remove negativity and clutter in your home, life, and body.

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