Today I am going to discuss why it is important to organize your child’s medical and school information.  To have your child’s information in one place that is easily accessible to a babysitter, family member or the other parent ( there is usually one parent that is great with this stuff, while others clearly need help) so if you are not around for several days every can still run smoothly.

Let me tell you how I embarked on this idea.

My supervisor stated I need to attend an outreach event that would require me to be out-of-town for several days. Instantly, I was in a conflicting place. Yes, alone time was greatly needed, it felt like I have won a price vacation, but the worried parent in me began to set in.

I am such a worrier….is it just me?

What if something happens when I am not there? Does he know the names of the kids’ doctors? We just moved out here so we didn’t take the time out to find the closest hospital. What if he needs to run to the emergency room? What if the school calls, does he know the new teacher’s name?

Why haven’t I thought of this before? Occasionally, we leave the kids with their grandparents and we talked about getting a babysitter for date night. Having this information was well overdue. Besides, having a child with allergies can make anyone feel vulnerable about leaving their child.

The first thing I set out to do was find a Home Organizing printable on Pinterest, but there was nothing that I found that actually fit my needs. I wanted something colorful with pictures and clear sections for multiple doctors. I decided to create my version that encompasses my children medical and school. This information sheet made me feel relaxed and prepared.


I began by putting my Lil girl’s information on the girl friendly sheet and my son’s on the boy version. I added their name to the top of each paper. Below their name, I listed their food allergies. She has 5 ( I know) and he has 1 food allergy.

Next to the doctor picture, I filled in their doctor’s office name and wrote the pediatrician name underneath. Inside the  adjacent box, I wrote the address, phone number and fax number of the doctors’ office( list underneath each other).  I completed the same steps for the dentist, allergy, and childcare box.


I did the same for my Lil guy’s information, except some of the doctors are different. On his printable,  I added  the picture of the ear for his Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) doctor and  a picture of a vision board for his eye doctor.


The last printable contact information for school in the top box next to the school image.

Woodrow Wilson Elementary
1001 Kid Friendly Street
Elementary, MD 11223
4th-grade teacher- Mrs. White

Lastly, I filled in the information for  the before and after school. The yellow box is for the name/s of children that attend that school.


 If you are a worrier like me or like the thought of being organized this will be great!

What’s Included?

The upload includes 6 full-sized  (8.5″x11″) printable that have extra sheets without images.  Don’t forget to print extra for larger families!

A must have free printable to organize your kids information.

Ready to get your children doctor and school information organized? To have a place easily accessible for a babysitter?

Click the link below to open the pdf document.

Free  Home Organization Printable-Kids Information

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