A morning routine can set the tone for how the rest of the day unfolds. There are days when you wake up and everything is going as planned. While other days seem as if everything that can possibly go wrong will. Why deal with days that are hit or miss? What if every morning was a good and productive day?

Let’s be honest the hardest thing about mornings is getting out the bed. Your warm comfortable dreamy bed. It’s worst on those days that you stayed up late Netflix binging, blogging, or having kids enter your room in the middle of the night. Okay, maybe those are just my issues. It’s those days that makes having an awesome morning difficult. Let’s jump into some strategies that can make a great morning.


I like to identify the morning must haves. I love caffeine, working out not so much but I will do yoga. A clean and organized room. And some music to jam to in the morning. Does the word jam give my age away? That song is my jam!  So what actually makes your ideal morning?

· Coffee, Tea, Lemon water
· Massage, Yoga, Workout
· Warm shower (is this a must to start a good day otherwise do this at night)
· Music ( Pandora or iheart radio)

great mornings


I don’t understand how anyone can have a good morning without preparing at night. I would be a chicken without a head, if I didn’t prepare the night before. What takes up the most time in the day should be transferred to the night routine. I take my breakfast and lunch to work to save money so I usually eat the same o thang.  I hate ironing clothes, so I  iron uniforms, and outfits on weekends. Besides, I don’t have time  to iron after work every night and ironing in the morning would mess up my morning mojo. What can you do at night?

· Prepare breakfast (oatmeal, cream of wheat, waffles, breakfast casseroles, etc.)
· Prepare lunch (lunch is made from dinner leftovers but if not then sandwiches it is)
·  Iron Clothes
· Showers ( if you can get used to showers at night you will save valuable time)


Going to bed late definitely  affects my morning mojo, so I try to be in bed no later than 9:30 pm. Yup, I am like an infant. Besides National Sleep Studies states that adults need 7-9 hours which I need all 9.

Reading my emails in the morning can also affect my morning. There is nothing like reading a work email that makes you feel like… man today is going to be along day. In addition, reading social media or watching the news can send me  on a downward spiral. I can not take anymore killings, car crashes, missing kids, natural disasters or daycare child abuse. OMG! Where is the positive news station?  OK I’m back. Based off what you have learned what  would make your Awesome Morning Routine?


6 am wake up.


· 5 mins I dedicate to gratitude and mentally planning out what I want my day to look like. This is really important for an abundance life which I will address in another post.

· 10 mins of amazing bed yoga. If I am extremely exhausted I sit in my Massage Chair which is next to my bed (This is an affiliate link, which means that if  you make a purchase, I’ll receive compensation). Really, words cannot describe how a morning massage awakens the body. I absolutely love the relaxing but stimulating feeling from sitting in the massage chair. Especially after work when I am sore or tensed.

· Around this time both kids usually wake up, so 15 minutes is all I can fit in for personal time.

· I open the curtains and  make the bed.

· I chase my 3-year-old around with her clothes. Dest come put your pants on. I don’t want to play hide and seek, what did you do with your socks?  Please tell me why does she not cooperate?  During this time my son is following his own routine (with printable) here.

· Then I  have 5 mins to check my non work related email and  pin a few pins on Pinterest then afterwards I turn on Pandora (free music app).

· Shower or in most case wash up in the morning and shower at night. I come from a military household so showers at night are very common.

· I get dressed, make up  and ready in the bathroom.


· I set a 7 o clock alarm to make sure I am on track, wrapping things up, and heading downstairs.

· I head to my son’s bedroom make sure that he is on schedule. It has been plenty of time I have caught him playing, daydreaming or even half-dressed. Do other moms have this problem or is it just me?

· Everyone grabs breakfast for the road and we are off.

credit: Famous DC
credit: Famous DC

· Out the door by 7:20 to drop my daughter off at daycare.  My son walks with his friends from the house.

· Then  I rush to the train station. Remember an awesome day means NO RUNNING for the train with a computer bag, book bag and a cup of coffee through the parking lot and up 2 flights.

· Finally….. on the train with time to read, write in my Bullet Journal, listen to music or talk on the phone.

· If the trains are on time and consistent, then I will make it to work by 8:40.

Whew. Anyone else tired?

Remember when you start a routine there may be hiccup so ditch what does not work for you and add what does. Once you find the perfect balance… duplicate it. 

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