I want to introduce a longtime friend and blogger that I love. Her purpose is to help you navigate through life. And inspiring you to find your inner self so that you can create a life of abundance. She will guest post today about removing money blocks in your life.  Something we can all appreciate!

As a professional intuitive, my sole job is to help my clients get answers. The irony is, I really only help them see what is in front of them. In other words, they aren’t able to receive the solution or answer that they are seeking because they are too focused on the problem instead of the solution. In this post, I will debunk the most common myth about money that is blocking your ability to accept the abundance readily available to you. Sound good? Awesome! Let’s jump right in.


Let’s start here because this is where many people block their blessings. Based on the Law of Attraction, which states “like attracts like”; the beliefs that you have regarding any issue will attract similar experiences, events, beliefs, and actions. The common interpretation of this law is “birds of a feather flock together.” Therefore, if your belief is that earning money is hard, so it shall be.

One of my favorite speakers Les Brown often says, “earning a million dollars was not hard but the hardest thing I ever did was to BELIEVE that I COULD EARN A MILLION DOLLARS.”

If you’re not familiar with Les Brown, he is a world-renowned motivational speaker who was labeled educable mentally retarded. His story alone is proof of what is possible when a person has a strong belief. Your thoughts have a magnetic energy, always drawing to you experiences that validate your beliefs.

The myth that earning or attracting money is hard directly impacts your ability to create what you want.

In truth, making any sum of money is not difficult. The problem is you are more comfortable thinking of problems than solutions especially when the solution doesn’t happen overnight. You’re thinking “Tynisha if all I had to do was think of being a millionaire, I would be a millionaire by now.”

I accept your skepticism and challenge you to investigate what your predominant thoughts are connected to money. Test the spiritual Law of Attraction, by completing the following activity:


  1. Write the word “Money” at the top of a fresh piece of paper
  2. Write 10 statements that come to your mind about money beneath (Ex: there is never enough, I wish I had more, money brings power, etc.)
  3. Do not censor yourself
  4. Review your thoughts and label each as follows:
    1. Put a plus sign next to positive thoughts
      • Ex: + I have more options when I have money
    2. Put a minus sign next to negative or future thoughts. Future thoughts validate that you don’t have it now and you focused on not having it.
      • EX: – Every time I get a little extra money it disappears
      • EX: – I wish I had some more money
    3. Tally your results.


  1. Mostly + signs: You have a positive outlook on money and are well on your way to creating the financial stream of your dreams. Keep doing what you are doing and take action when you get intuitive nudges related to your finances!
  2. Mostly – signs: You have spent too much time focusing on lack and thus are attracting/creating experiences where you don’t have enough.
    • The cure for this is to focus on the everyday abundance you experience. On days that your bills aren’t due, take a moment to celebrate not having bills.
  3. An equal number of pluses and minuses: You do not have a financial plan and are inviting life to bring positive and negative experiences until you decide what you want.

Your thoughts create beliefs; beliefs create behaviors that are reinforced by actions. Understanding the power of your thoughts will help you create the financial landscape of your dreams.

I used to have a poor mentality connected to money and I asked my higher self for help. One day, I was anxiously grocery shopping. The entire time I was concerned that my total would exceed what I had. At the register, the cashier rung me up at just slightly under what I wanted to spend. I was still anxious.

That’s when I heard my higher-self speak, “You’re not seeing the truth in this situation. You have more than enough to purchase what you need, there is still money left over no matter how little, and your bills are all paid. You are turning your blessings into burdens.”

I clearly understood what I was doing wrong. My outlook on spending money was that it was always dwindling instead of realizing that I was in a position of power. Not only was I getting what I needed but money was coming back to me no matter how small the amount. I took this outlook and applied it wherever I could, if I got two cents back I was celebrating and guess what!? My income increased!


By focusing on the abundance already present in your life you will increase it. Know that you are in a position of power and you have the choice to create the beliefs about your finances, choose thoughts of abundance and you will manifest them!

Blog BIO Tynisha Scott:

Tynisha Scott is the guru of self-discovery! She serves as the vehicle to your inner guide while teaching you how to be that for yourself. She delivers transformational life guidance connecting the audience to their purpose. Those messages have expanded her work as a Professional Intuitive to Spiritual Teacher and Speaker. For more information check out  DivinelyTy and follow her on social media @DivinelyTy everywhere.

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