A sneak peek of my organized mom planner ( my complete home, work, life organization system!)


From the beginning of time, I have been obsessed with organization.

I’m sure it’s because how I was raised by military mom. Everything had to be clean, neat, organized and in color pattern.

I started to use those same skills in my school setting. In elementary, I found out the hard way that in order to get out of school, I must be willing to teach myself. I used visuals, color coding, and labeled notes to make a system.

Yes, I was and still am a Nerd.

My love of organization flowed right into my parenting life. It started with printables which allowed me to keep a schedule of my newborn son’s sleep patterns.

Even now at 10 years old, he has printables on his wall to help him follow different routines.

So it only makes sense that now as a working mom of 3, I needed a system that organized it all!

I am so excited to launch the Organized Mom Planner ( printable for the mom setting goals, needing a little motivation and staying organized) just in time for the New Year!

This book is truly essential in keeping my own home, work and life organized, and I hope it will be helpful for you as well! Let’s begin the sneak peek!

instant digital download includes 2018 Organized Mom Planner: 45+ Printables to help you set goals, prioritize and organize your life!


It’s hard to believe that after months of effort the Organized Mom Planner it here. It includes a relaxing and positive colors scheme. All the pages are available in the standard 8.5” X 11” which gives you tons of space to write things down.

Yes, we all had the planners that are so small that you can’t even squeeze the children appointments, activities and personal goals onto one day.

However, if you are interested in junior size 5.5” X 8.5” let me know!

You can either buy a binder with a pretty cover from Amazon, Dollar Store, Staples or print out my free covers and slide it into an existing binder.


I have seen tons of planners but the Organized Mom Planner is an all in one agenda book. It helps you organize your whole life, not just your schedule. I was designed to help you tap into your inner self and take back your time.

  • I like to have my goals right at the front so I can start the year off with a vision, purpose, and a strategy.
  • It is no way I can get anything done without first setting goals.
  • I prefer to focus on my goals for that particular year, then make an actionable plan to achieve them.
  • First I assess where I am at the time, then dream about where I want to be.

Do more then schedule your day, set goals!

Goal & Dream Sheet is something I enjoy because seeing my longterm goals are important. I would cut out images, words, and things that inspire me. It’s basically a one-page vision board.

setting goals the right way1

Goal Setting with Purpose: Identify where you want to be in each category then write your goals with the group. So for example, under the Self Category, you would write…this year I plan to be mindful, have 1 alone day a month, pamper myself with a spa massage and simplify my life.

Inspirational Quotes throughout the planner to keep you inspired and motivated!

Life prompts are throughout the planner which helps keep you centered and grateful. There a section for tackling fears, focusing on the best parts of you, a list of thing you will not tolerate this year, and more.


Please feel free to hit me up for ideas on how you can use each sheet since most of them have multiple uses!


Aren’t we all looking for balance? When life gets busy, finding the time for personal goals is nearly impossible. So, I want you to stop surviving and start living.

start 2018 of with intention.

Yearly Calendar: gain an overview of the year so you can plan out your big picture.

12 Month Calendar: Schedule important dates, appointments, set dates for goals and manage the home.

the mom planner

Weekly Planner: By having a week overlook, it allows you to plan the week and see your entire schedule. Add children’s afterschool activities, meals and important meetings at the bottom. Yes, it’s all about work, life, mom balance😊!

get an entire look of you week so you can plan accordingly.

Planning My Day: This sheet, I live by🤗. I don’t know how I could get anything done if I didn’t time block things on my to-do list. This helps you become purposeful with your time. No more being overwhelmed by how much time you are losing in the day, instead, you take back the power of time a become productive.

Grab your Mom Planner here!


Kids Medical & School Information: Having a simple sheet that has everything on one page makes life so much simpler. Also it a great go-to sheet when a babysitter comes over to put on the refrigerator.

I look forward to sitting down with my coffee, planner and candle so I can prepare my work, family, and home for week ahead with peace. Today, I'm sharing a sneak peek of my mom planner with you! Hope you love these tips, AND this planner!

Password Cheat Sheet: I don’t know about you, but I seem to lose my passwords. I can’t ever remember what username goes with what password.

Notes: Sometimes writing things down are the best thing. The quick thought you have in your mind, a book you were referred to read, or your financial list. Pretty much anything you can capture in seconds on a piece of paper.

Meal Planner: How exhausting is it to come home from work and have to cook? Ain’t nobody got time for thinking of what to defrost, cook and eat. Instead, with a preplanned schedule, you will have everything you need and want to cook at your disposable. Either meal prep the entire week or take the frozen food out to thaw the night before, so when you get home you can whip up a quick meal. No thinking necessary.

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek into my Planner! I put a lot of love and effort into making the Mom Life as simple as possible!


  1. You can print only what you want and how many you want. Do you have a planner that is half unused and yet some pages are overflowing? With a printable you can skip the parts you don’t need now and print 3 copies of the sheet you’re really using.  Your kid made you a drawing on your planner? No problem, you can just print the page again.
  2. You can organize it however you want. If you’d like a certain page you can do it. And then change it. And then change it again. Your planner doesn’t have to start with January when it’s already July. Do you need to remember something? Put it first in your planner so you won’t forget.
  3. It holds it all! It can hold not only your and your child’s appointment but any necessary documents, papers etc. You set an appointment and put anything you need for it in a document sleeve. No need to worry where you put that tiny little note or a document – you already have it all organized in the planner.


When printing, be sure to use the free program Adobe Reader.Then go to your print setting make sure the paper size is set at 8.5″ x 11″ or custom paper size. Once you have your paper sized correctly then slide your sheets into your printer and print!

Get your copy of the Organized Mom Planner

Goals & Purpose

Simplify Cheat Sheet

Organize Life

Work Life Balance



 I look forward to sitting down with my coffee, planner and candle so I can prepare my work, family, and home for week ahead with peace. Today, I'm sharing a sneak peek of my mom planner with you! Hope you love these tips, AND this planner!

 The Organized Mom Planner was created and copyrighted by Famlee of Four. For full disclosure read here.
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