Do you remember in high school learning about the law of energy? Or wish you can change the direction of your life? Do you want more control over creating your own reality but don’t know if its possible or where to start? Understand energy!


Law of Conservation of Energy, states that energy can neither be created nor destroyedenergy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another.

The theory is powerful. Does that hold true for everything in life?

Once I watched Vivica A. Fox and Morris Chestnut in the movie Two Can Play That Game.

Something clicked. Can it be possible to transfer energy through people? If one person in the relationship felt awful or powerless could it be possible to transfer the energy to the other person?

This opened my eyes about how I view the relationship between people and energy.


Have you ever been around someone and you can feel what they feel? Not just sympathize, but actually feel their pain. If this is possible, then the power of emotional energy can transfer to you!

As a child brought up in the urban inner city, I grew a passion for helping others find their purpose and remove negative barriers that hold them back.

Imagine attending a school where the teachers tell you that you will never make it to college.  And the system seems to be stacked against you. Only 50-60% of the high school students graduated. Not because they were not smart or didn’t have talent, but there was not enough positive influence in their life to offset the negativity. To feel what’s the purpose or overwhelmed by the lifestyle that surrounded them.

As a teenager, I began to practice negative energy removal techniques and strong prayer. Also, I was fortunate to have a great support system, which reinforced positive belief by telling me “I would go to college”. Hence, my self-fulfilling prophecy.

I tell this story so show the relationship between the story you created for yourself (energy) and your reality (energy transferred).  Whether positive or negative energy, what you communicate can prohibit or initiate growth.

Does this make sense?

The most important way to combat negative energy is to understand it. It is easy to feel entrapped in feeling sorry for yourself. But being aware and open to alternate strategies is  most powerful approach to take. Tap into and become aware of the negative beliefs that surrounds you....your priorities…. and remove (transfer) them.


How did I change my reality and draw love, happiness, and self-power?

I found the love of my life by eliminating bad experiences that haunted my reality. I focus on what I wanted out of love instead of what I didn’t want.

Happiness is always an uphill battle but overall I’m happy. When negative thought invade as they tend to do, I follow several steps.

Power is what we all have inside. Knowing that we are powerful makes it easier to manipulate negative energy.

If you can relate or what to figure out how to change your reality. Then follow these several small steps that can create and initiate a positive reality. Also read 10 ways to make a happier you.



1. Practice gratitude and be thankful for everything.

Be thankful for the sun, the wind on your face, the touch of your child, the heartbeat of your husband, the smell of coffee and the sound of music. You will be amazed how much we miss because we are so busy. Action: Pause and capture you 5 senses. Smell, taste, touch, sight, and sound!

2. Focus on positive situations.

They’re around trust. Everything in your life may not be going completely well, but I’m sure there is one area that is all good. It could be money, it could be your health, it could be love. Focus on the positive can draw more positive energy to you. Try it!

3. Get in touch with your spirituality.

God is good, enough said.

4. Don’t be afraid to take chances

JUMP! Instead, of thinking you’re not prepared and you will fall/fail. Jump off the cliff and design a parachute on the way down. Yes, the unknown is scary, but you will be happier if you tried vs not trying at all. Can’t find the motivation? Read this.

5. Stop wanting everything to happen NOW and be patient.

Yes, I’m talking to you!

I know we are the microwave, Uber, Amazon, DVR, and Google generation. Everything comes quickly and is at our fingertips. Develop patients things take time. Not happening now doesn’t =failed.

6. Define your own reality. And stop looking for others approval.


7.  Remove abundance blocks

To understand and use the best technique to remove negative energy listen to Christie Marie Sheldon. Listen to HOW ARE ABUNDANCE BLOCKS HOLDING YOU BACK FROM A LIFE OF PROSPERITY  here.


Do you have negative energy that you would like to get rid of?

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