THE DISNEY CRUISE 2017My last post is filled with tip and tricks to planning a Disney Cruise vacation. Since we just got back from the Disney Cruise its back to reality. Sad face. I love vacations and which we could have them more often. It is just so important. We have been many places for vacation but the Disney Cruise hands down the best. We have been to Disney World, Ohio Kings Island, Ohio Cedar Point, Virgina Bush Garden,  NJ and MD Six Flags, Hershey Park PA, Virgina Kings Dominion, Water Country USA, Poconos, Rehoboth Beach DE, Maryland Ocean City, NJ Ocean City and Atlantic City, Virgina Beach, and every kid place you can think of on the east cost. Know while all these are fun and we love amusement parks as you can see. It’s something about the ease and relaxation of the Disney Cruise.


A vacation does not have to be far and expensive but definitely needs to be a deviation from the normal. The first time we went on the Disney cruise it was 4 days and 3 nights which was just too short since day one in getting comfortable and day 4 is getting off the ship early morning. This time the cruise was 5 days and 4 nights which made all the difference. It gave me an enough time to relax. It’s like having your hands clutched and it slowly relaxing. First, you start off anticipating for a vacation, but once it’s here you dread the day it’s over. However, you go on vacation anyway because you know there are many benefits to just being.


Waking up.

Picture waking up… ok no first picture sleeping through the night. Yes, gawd. Then waking up refreshed and ready to take on the world.  Happy and relax you roll out the bed, get washed up and head out the room while everyone is sleeping.

watching the sunrise on your vacation

Outdoor sun

The warm sun feels nice as it shines on your skin.  The morning breeze blowing through your hair and the sense of relaxation is all around you. Like minded individuals are stretching and jogging on the deck alongside you. Just like the others, you beginning your morning workout, jogging 2 miles on the deck. As you are running the only think you are thinking about is how grateful you are… as you look out into the rise. Closing the routine with stretching and admiration of the ocean waves… as you lean over the deck railing.  Listening to the waves as it hits the ship. Silence, warmth, and ease succumb you.

Overall feel

You head back onto the ship noticing the Mickey Mouse inspired red carpet. The tan anchored wall pattern and gold elevator you enter to go back to your room. The long hallways that are amazingly put together. Everything ties into the ship theme with decorated doors, fish for hooks, and anchored inspired carpet.  As you enter the room the family is waking up, so you hop into the shower, get dress and yall leave out for breakfast. The staff is amazing picked off the best place on earth… different nationalities, accents, and races. Each host and hostess treating you like royalty. They are so nice and catering that it feels unnatural.

So much to do

With so many events filled through the day, you cannot contain yourself on this vacation. From watching Finding Dori and Moana in the movie theater. To visiting characters and taking pictures. OMG! Seeing Elsa, Anna, and Olaf! A broadway play of Tangled and a Pirate Party after your 3-course dinner. The late night is all yours, as the kids decide to go to the Disney club. Imagine this amazing childcare service that the children beg to attend.

the Disney kids club

Adult time

Later, you decide to go back to the room and get changed into a bathing suit. While getting dressed you notice that the room has been cleaned, beds made and fresh towel in the bathroom. WOW! The bedroom is being cleaned twice a day. Once in the morning and then at night for turn down. How nice he left a monkey made out of towels and some chocolate candy.  Quickly you write down your life goals. This is prime time to get focus and plan out your year since your mind is so clear.

About 20 mins later you are at the adult only poolside. Listening to the music played by the band. The bartenders are walking around giving out drinks and the adults are socializing. You get in the hot tub with your partner with a glass of wine and Pina Colada. Ending your night with love and relaxation. Best vacation ever.

Nice vision right?



Well sorry, that is not exactly how it happened, but a girl could dream.

The real wake up but much appreciated

This is not one day’s events but several things that happened over the course of the vacation.  Instead, every morning, my 3-year-old woke up with me to jog on the deck, expect it was actually walking. The first day we went out I explained to her the importance of getting to the side when someone was coming so that they can continue their stride.


Real outdoor sun story

She listened and we ran in between the people. Then we started stretching and I heard “mom he is going to get me” I looked up and she was running in front of the guy. I yell, “just get out the way Dest, move over”.  “But mom he going to get me” yelling as she was running. The guy was laughing because her little feet could only move but so fast. Finally, she moved to the side and the guy kept going.

I was cracking up so bad that I could not contain myself. I said Dest he was not going to get you…he was just running. I did love the mother daughter time.

We did not actually finish Finding Dori but we made it to the 50 mins mark before she said she was done. The daycare did not turn out to be the 3 years old favorite place.

After going in the activity club twice they notified me that she was crying.  My poor baby did not want to go back. But m9-year-oldld son loved it.

The real adult time

I did make it to the adult only side and we got in the hot tube but after 20 mins my son was standing there staring at us. I was startled because he came out of nowhere but inside I was laughing because it’s nearly impossible to get away from these kids. They find you anywhere, it’s like they have a tracking device on us. I wanted to say why there aren’t any guards? And how did you get in here? Ugh, acting like I didn’t know him didn’t work either. Other than that everything was awesome and I recommended it to any parent that needs a break.

Still real much-needed vacation

So have fun, go on a much-needed vacation. As moms, we need to wind down in order to keep going. We give so much to our family that we tend to forget to refuel.  Disney Cruise is my best family vacation spot. If you have suggestions please share the best family vacation spot.







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  1. The childcare service sounds awesome! That’s been on of my struggles, since having our daughter, is figuring out how a vacation will even look! I have also heard some resorts have childcare built in.

    1. I went on YouTube and pulled up Disney Cruise to get a idea of what it’s like. But Disney also sends out a free DVD that you can get from the site. There was a childcare area on Disney’s Private Island Castaway.

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