If you don’t get chills when setting goals, then your goals are not big enough

Goal setting for me is a must. Thanks to setting goals I am where I am today. I remember saying that I will work for the USDA ( United States Department of Agriculture) when I graduated from undergrad school. Just to ask, believe and receive it is not enough, you need to manifest it. I envisioned myself in the position and set a date. Now, I will be goal setting again so join me on the journey to set short-term and long-term.

I will guide you through setting short-term and long-term. Through these next several goal setting series. Although, people already understand what goal setting is there are reoccurring questions.

 But the overall question I keep getting is HOW

Do you ever feel that you are in the world, doing what you should do and have to do, but not getting anywhere? You’re working extremely hard, but the end is never any different from where you started. Many people have not figured out how goal setting and manifesting your goals can drive your dream life to reality. Would you want to feel powerful enough that you truly believe “you run your world”- (in Beyoncé voice who run the world? Me).

How to set goals

A goal is a destination or place you want to be or see yourself accomplishing.  I set goals every month and big goals every year. The goals should be SMART. Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and defined by time. For example, I had a goal to go back for my Masters.

Specific- Get my Master in Public Health with a GPA of 3.0 by 2011

Measurable– My grades measured my progress

Attainable- Look at school in bite-size pieces semester

Realistic– This had been the hardest area. You have to believe that it can happen for it to be realistic. I already had a BS, so I know it was possible but my son was one at the time, I was working part-time, and the school was in another state. Getting my belief system to catch up with dreams was hard.  

Time– I wanted to graduate in 2 years.

By using SMART to set goals, I was able to devote energy to the goal.

Why Set Goals

Success – love, health, finances, career, etc. can only be achieved if you set short-term and long-term visions. It allows you to focus on your desires, organize your time, and strategize your resources so that you can …run your life.

Setting goals and achieving goals ultimately build up your confidence. You began to see yourself as more power thus you’re able to manifest bigger dreams.  Please understand the importance of manifestation. It not only just hoping for the best but believing and seeing the best outcome.

Goal Setting for Beginners

To set goals, you need to understand what areas of your life you need to improve. I am going to set goal along with you January is not over. We still have time. This is going to be several part series because every step is different. Let get ready for the goal setting challenge to jump-start your life.


The wheel of life is the first step in setting goals. How can anyone set goals if they have not identified the areas that need improvement? The Wheel of Life is a great exercise and tool for helping you create more balance and success in your life. It a great foundation exercise when goal-setting. This wheel of life workbook can be used to brainstorm your goals and measure the areas on a scale of 1-10. For example, You may feel your love life is an 8 so may not need work but your career is a 3. Therefore, more effort should be put along with making goals for that category.



  • Spiritual Well-being – Your relationship with God, and/ or connection with the universe
  • Health – Your physical body including exercise, diet, sleep, and proper care
  • Money – Financial;  your long-term and short-term financial picture
  • Self – Your growth as a person developing hobbies, creativity; rest, self-care
  • Fun– Taking time to relax, play, and travel
  • Friendships – Your social life and close personal relationships
  • Family and Friends – Relationships with your family & friends ( social life )
  • Love –  Rather you are in a relationship or embracing single
  • or create your categories- it may not be any of these

Example Wheel of Life


Download this worksheet to fill out goal setting with the wheel of life.

–>>Grab the entire goal setting workbook to get you started.




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Let take life by the steering wheel and drive. Need motivation? Read THE MOST MOTIVATIONAL ADVICE FROM HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE.


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    1. Thank you?. I know it’s a good way to set goals. Now you got me thinking….It should be introduced to children too. Start off young with good skills.

    1. I love SMART goals since it really puts goals into perspective. Glad found it useful and feel free to share your goals.

  1. A goal really needs hard work to achieve it. A goal without hard work is just called a wish. Thanks for sharing a detailed strategy on how to realize one’s goal in life

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