The organization method for you, the working mom!

Is it difficult remembering everything you have to do? As a mom we wear so many hats, it’s no wonder things slip in between the cracks.

As a working mom with a blog, 2 ½ children, home responsibilities and caring for myself my brain needed a simpler solution.

I have tried many ways to organize my thoughts but with post it and loose leaves paper everywhere it’s no wonder it became difficult.

See I’m usually really good at organizing because it’s one of my favorite things to do, but since blogging things have gotten a bit out of control. There are so many things to keep up with that I had to find a new system.

Pinterest has many documents for moms, working, or side hustles. But what about the mom that does all 3. There has to be something that accounts for the different tasks we try to juggle.


I welcome you the organization printable for working moms.

The Brain Dump Method

I love how this free printable incorporates work as a category. The Brain Dump method by far the best way to get your thoughts out and get organized. So glad i found this!

Getting your ideas out your brain and onto a piece of paper is the best way.

Brain dump allows me to focus on things that are important and schedule them into my day.

Ladies, how often do you have trouble sleeping because there are so many things running through your mind.

Did I make the dentist appointment for the kids? When was the school band recital? OMG, I need to plan and send out birthday invitation? What was the deadline on that work project?

Don’t act like it just me. You know what I’m talking about.


Tips for Efficiency

Embrace those good days.

There are times I may not be in the mood for taking care of business, so I have to coach myself to do it. But then there are days when I feel extremely motivated. I make use of those days to get as many things checked off my to-do list.

*Pay attention to those the days where you seem to have a boost of energy and capitalize on it.

Get down as much information as you can.

If you have to make an appointment, then instead of just writing down –make eye doctor appointment, also jot down the phone number beside it. Can’t remember your kid’s information off hand? Check out this Medical and School Printable!

Keep it in one place for a day.

There is nothing like dragging around a piece of paper or a book. So instead of taking it with you everywhere,  leave it in one spot. If your brain works better at night, then leave in on the nightstand.  If morning is best, then leave it on your desk at work until the end of the day.

Jog your brain.

I’m sure everything on your mind at the time, doesn’t account for all the things you need to write down. A good way to jog your brain is to go through your email box to check any upcoming meetings or events. Also, go through your phone for people you may need to call back or visit.

A secret that I do is sing the song “head, shoulders, knees, and toes.” I will think song while thinking of one of the kids. For example,  Destinee head would consist of hair, ENT, eye, and dentist. Where shoulder would be shirts, allergist, etc. and so forth down the body.

Transfer it if things not completed.

It may not be possible, OK so it won’t be possible to get everything completed off your to-do list within a particular time frame. In that case, you schedule it onto your weekly or monthly to-do list. For example, you may write “finish work related project within two weeks and brief the staff about last week’s project.” That is a foreseeable event that will get completed during a different week, so you take out your monthly calendar, right down the due date and on your weekly schedule you break the task down into small goals. Such as Monday “make and outline” Tuesday “do the research,” Wed “edit the document,” Thursday “Print and reread.”

Get it? Your brain dump gets everything out, but your organizer keeps you productive. Need a productivity sheet? Let me know, and I will create one!

So the benefits of the brain dump are to have your thoughts in one place. So you can see everything that you need to do on one piece of paper and give yourself a much-needed peace of mind. It’s simple and beneficial to minimize the craziness of the working mom juggling multiple projects.

Click here to snag your FREE printable without my notes of course!

How do you stay organized and the things you need to do out of your head?

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